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Popular Articles


  1. Forward Neo Mail to
  2. Forward mail to Liberal Arts mailbox
  3. Apple Mail Setup for CLLA Exchange
  4. Reset Password using Outlook Web App
  5. Thunderbird with CLLA Exchange

PC How-Tos

  1. PC Users: Connect to Network Shares
  2. Student Labs
  3. Projector use with Dell Latitude D620
  4. VPN for Windows 7
  5. Remote Desktop (Off Campus)

Mac How-Tos

  1. Connecting to Network Shares on a Mac
  2. Mac Articles
  3. Join Active Directory in Snow Leopard
  4. Join OS X to CLLA Domain in Tiger
  5. VPN Configuration Off Campus - Mac Users

CLLA Network Resources

  1. PC Users: Connect to Network Shares
  2. Connecting to Network Shares on a Mac
  3. Connect to Network Shares Off-Campus
  4. Qualtrics info: Faculty Staff & Students
  5. Configure Autocorrection in Outlook 2010


  1. B&H Purchasing Procedure
  2. EPIK Required Settings
  3. New faculty information from IT Staff
  4. Aggiebuy Checklist

View Recent Articles

  1. Senior IT Request Forms
  2. Mac - Migrate local to domain account
  3. List of Shared Email boxes on CIS Exchange
  4. Outlook 2013 with CLLA Exchange
  5. Outlook 2010 with CLLA Exchange
  6. Printer Lists
  7. Import users into Open Directory
  8. Join Active Directory in OS X Lion
  9. VPN using the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client
  10. Add a public folder to your Outlook Address book in Outlook 2010

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